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Co podaje czasami kontrowersyjna domena tylko kieruje do
i pomimo tego ma pozycję 1,904,399 a linki do  domeny 500.
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z linkami  do -84.  ma na dzisiaj pozycję 143,612.
W Polsce 1,938 a linki kierujące do -236

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że dane się zmieniają ale faktem jest że jak i  są bardzo aktywne,bardzo kontrowersyjne i mają już swoje miejsce w globalnym ale i polskim internecie.

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Top 15 Websites to Calculate Your Website Worth

We all have always wondered how much one or another website is worth but these are just guesses and no one knows exact website worth. For your own website it is much easier to calculate value because you know how much visitors you get to your website and how much money you make from it so you can do some calculation to come up with price. Whole other story is when you want to know how much Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other websites are worth. There are are no clear answers about worth of these websites because it depends on many factors that no one knows even if you are working for these companies. Company and website value is based on how much someone is willing to pay for them this is the reason why Instagram was sold for  $1 billion but it wasn’t and still isn’t making any worth calculatorsSome webmasters have come up with solution that helps to valuate websites based on numbers of visitors these websites receive. These websites are based on complex algorithms in order to calculate website for any website you can imagine. Sine you can’t ask too much from the automated tools it still gives you an idea how much these websites are worth. This time I want to show you Top 10 tools that will allow to calculate website worth. All these services are free to use and doesn’t have any limits so you can do your research for as many sites as you want.

Best websites to calculate website worth



This one of the best tools out there because it returns much more information than just website worth. You can see number of backlinks, how many pages are indexed by major search engines, how many times your website is mentioned on social networks and how much visitors these website get. This is great tool which will help you to research your competitors if you are dealing with search engine optimization and internet marketing in general.

Visit website:



Back in the days ToolsKitty used to show a lot of potential but it never got properly developer. Basically it returns information that you can get from other tools and it doesn’t ad any value for researcher. It does give you information about how much this website is worth but it doesn’t give much else because if you are looking for website worth why you want to to know WhoIs information for that domain and name server information. There are many other tool that does the same thing and looks better. Still it calculates website worth but I noticed that many websites including ours returns value of $0.00 which is kind of awkward knowing that domain itself cots around $10.

Visit website:



Another cool to check website valuation is SiteWorthIt. I like this website’s design because it is built using Twitter Bootstrap but this is the only thing I like about this website. It still provides information about estimated traffic and website valuation but this is the only information you can get from it. It looks a bit too optimistic for websites with very low traffic but if you are willing to sell such website it is highly recommended to give this valuation because it is way too optimistic. Another good thing about this website is its speed, it is fast because it is not spending too much time on retrieving information such us WhoIs date, hosting information and backlinks. If you need a pure number then this is the right place for you.

Visit website:



Great looking website with outstanding design and clean look. It is very fast and shows results within seconds and report is clean and easy to read. It gives a lot of information about the website but I guess there are some problems with this website because it shows zero backlinks on Google and Bing but after manual search on Google and Bing I see thousands of backlinks. Probably this is just temporary problem with this website and we will see it fixed. Reported website value looks a bit too optimistic but it depends on website to website so the results are still trustworthy.

Visit website:



This website does what it says it does – it gives value about your website. The problem about this website is that last updated to it was made back in 2010 and some information haven’t been updated since 2007, so you can’t expect a lot form tool which is more than 5 years old. For many websites it returns zero value even for ones with thousands of unique visitors a month but for other websites it gives decent values but I still don’t recommend to use this tool as your main website stats checker. Hopefully developer will update this website because it gets decent amount of visitors so it is worth to keep this website going.

Visit Website:



This website has completely messed front page and logo but once luckily it has a nice looking report, at least developers have done good job at fixing that part but logo still sucks. It doesn’t provide with much information about website you are analyzing but it gives you few basic things such as backlink report, information about hosting and basic website meta information. So far this is the most optimistic website worth script I have come up with so I wouldn’t trust it too much if you are researching your competitors and your own websites. You will never sell your website for that price unless you have some custom built service which is worth on its own.

Visit website:



This is one of my favorite website worth calculator because it works fast, has a nice design and gives somewhere accurate information. My favourite feature is social buzz which shows information from social networks so you can see what other people have to say about this website. The one thing that bothers me is how they calculate their trust rating because many websites with no backlinks, no visitors scores 100/100. It feels nice to visit this website because developers have done a great job to optimize this website and it loads very fast on any web browser.

Visit website:



One of the best tools out there that gives detailed summary about your website. Summary includes information about hosting, estimated traffic, valuation, daily income and domain registration date. It’s nice to see all this information within few short sentences. Website stores historic valuation so you can see how much it has changed since you last checked it. This is something not many other website valuation tools can offer. The bad thing about this website is design because it looks outdated and it was launched less than 2 years ago. If you don’t care about design then you will find this website worth calculator very useful because of historic data.

Visit website:



Another nice website which provides written summary as well as detailed statistics about website you are researching. Most of the data is taken form so it is nothing really revolutionary but you can still get nice website overlook in on place. This is one of the oldest website that offers website valuation because I remember it using back in the days when I first started building websites and online services. Design haven’t changed a lot since then but it is still nice to see this website around. Would be interesting to see what other websites this company have created over these years.

Visit website:



This is by far the slowest website valuation tool however it does deliver results. While you are waiting for results to appear Valuesis tells you some jokes so you at least get a bit entertained while waiting for your report. Delivered report is nice and easy to navigate and it offers WhoIs date, hosting information and summary about website you are evaluating. Estimated website worth is somewhere accurate at least for my websites I tested but make sure you have enough patience if you want to test more than few websites using this service.

Visit website:


Webuka is yet another website worth calculator. It does deliver good results but it looks like designed in late eighties or early nineties. It is terrible designed and you can see that everywhere in the user interface, however, it does work and provides with decent results for any website I tried to test.

Visit website:


valuemyweb website worth calculator
Valuemyweb is simple, clean and easy to use website worth calculator. It is somewhere accurate tools but it has major drawback because you need to input your email address to evaluate any website. These emails are further spammed to death with SEO and IM related offers. However, you can use emails that does nowhere and you will be just fine.

Visit website:

These are only few of websites worth calculators but now you at least have an idea how they function. I strongly recommend to use these websites for research purpose only because they don’t give accurate information and you will never manage to sell your website based on these estimates if you don’t provide potential buyer with  Google Analytics data and verified income report. However, you can get a lot of high quality backlinks from these websites as well as get and understanding how  much websites are worth and is it worth to build similar website.



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